Friday, April 15, 2011

Fix it Friday's April 15, 2011

Man oh Man, it's been a LONG time... but I thought better late then never to get back to posting photos on the blog... here is today's "I (Heart) Faces" Fix it Friday project.


My "Fix"

Black & White

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fix it Fridays # 78

Boy, it's been a while... I found my old favorite photography blogs and wouldn't you know... it's Friday, you know that that means????



My first Edit... simple, clean...

Edit 2, Attempted tilt-shift... but I like it...

Edit 3, This is kind of old school with a boost...

Edit 4, Faded grainy effect...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Times

Even in a shady dive bar you can have fun... especially if there is a lot of vodka involved.... But oh no, I was good girl ;-).... yeah, actually I was being good.... because I was a designated driver.

Anyway, amongst all the group shots and silly poses and happy couple shots... I managed to grab a few "play" shots.... here are a few to hold me over until I finish going through the roll.

(wait did I just say roll? How many of you out there even know what I mean by a roll? Knock Knock Knock is this thing on? When was the last time you used a "roll" to photograph an event?)

Birthday Girl

Last Saturday I went to a Birthday Party, a "Black & White" party. We all had to wear masks when the Birthday Girl arrived. I don't "do" masks... but thankfully I had my camera and I was taking photos... so I got out of it. But I do have to say, the Bday girl had some cool masks to wear!

Here is one of my favorite masks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

NJ Farms

I still have a thing for photographing Farms. There is something so comforting about them. I love how they are all so different too. Yes there is usually a barn and a (tall round cylinder thingie which I can't think of right now) and they all have interesting doors and windows. Some have cows, some have sheep, some have miniature donkeys! But I also love the colors... the big red barn nestled on lush green land rich with life. And the smell. We all know what I'm talking about... that smell... yeah THAT smell... but you know what??? I kid of like it. Now I'm not saying I'd want to bottle it and wear it around town, but I like how it reminds me of horseback riding lessons as a little kid. Ahhh Memories....

Here is a quick shot of a random farm along Rt 23 in NJ I took a quick snap of from the car.

Mother's Day Drive

This past Mother's Day I took my mom out for a drive up to NY. We had a great time, laughing all the way. Here are a few images from the drive.... this is Rt 97.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coffee in the office.

The other day I decided to post a little something in the "kitchen" area at work about coffee cups. We (very much including me) have been so wasteful with the paper coffee cups. I mean seriously, I would go through 150 cups in a 10 week span !!!! (FYI that is just over $13 worth of cups) Yeah.... $13 does not seem like all that much money, but times that by the amount of coffee/tea drinkers in the office and you see my point.

I posted a sign up above the coffee pot, with some dialogue on how much I've saved the office by bringing in my own (non disposable) cup in to use every day.

I'm not sure if my little note has made any change in my fellow coworkers, I'm hopping a positive one... I'm hoping it will bring change for some...

So that's my little story about my small effort to do my part to save the department a little money, and maybe the environment a few paper cups.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Lilac Season!

You do not understand how happy I am that there are Lilacs blooming right outside my 2nd story bedroom! Do you know what this means??? In about 2 weeks I'll have the most wonderful spring lilac smell just billowing in to my bedroom! (Take that Yankee candle!) OK seriously I absolutely love Yankee candles... I think I have about 10 in my room that are either lilac or vanilla... seriously... someday I'll have to take a photo of them!

But, for now, I'll post this wonderful little Lilac bud to hold me over....